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Imagine a life where you
- Enjoy greater confidence in pursuing goals
- Experience increased ability to work with others
- Wake up every day excited to work!
I want to help you make major improvements in your work and life. Whether it's a big change, or just adjusting your situation, together we can get there faster!
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Is your work more of a struggle than a calling?

The average person spends 90,000 hours at work during their lifetime. While this isn’t bad if you’ve found your calling, most of us have not.  

If there is one thing in life worth investing in, it’s your career. Sometimes you just need to take care of a few problems in your current job to find satisfaction. In other cases, a job change or even a new career is the right solution for you. 
My “Success Identity” method is built on the foundation of experiential learning techniques I discovered while earning my PhD in Human Development. I’ve spent years refining my methodology while working with high-level executives in global corporations and smaller start-ups. I’m not your average coach, which means you won’t get average results.


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